Individual Study

Unleash your creativity with voice or piano lessons! Let's explore a myriad of musical worlds to develop your identity as a musician. 

Contact me to find out more about private voice and piano lessons in Berkeley, Tiburon, and San Francisco.



What excites you?! With voice students we'll create a custom curriculum to fit your goals as a creative vocalist. We'll explore musical theater literature, jazz improvisation, songwriting, and prepare repertoire for your auditions, ensembles, and shows. We'll explore Vocals 101 including breathing, posture, and articulation to make sure that you are not only singing expressively but healthfully.

Carl is a true collaborator with his students and their families. He understands that a singer needs a supportive environment. At the same time, he challenges his students to step outside their comfort zone and explore new musical territories. Our daughter, Ava, will be attending The Berklee College of Music this fall. We couldn’t have done it without Carl’s guidance and support.
— Nancy R.


Piano is so much fun! With piano students we’ll build from the ground up, developing the technique and reading skills to perform classical piano literature as well as the grooviest tunes from the jazz and pop worlds. Do you have a song in your heart? The piano is an amazing tool to develop your skills as a songwriter and performer. 



SO, you're kinda an aspiring singer-songwritery choir-ish musical theaterful jazz artist?! I can help you!

Carl sees the full picture, focusing not just on musicality, but intention and theatricality, which honed our plethora of duets into a cohesive performance. His honesty pushed me, and his support gave me the freedom to explore. He brought out our individual strengths while helping us find a harmonious blend together.
— Gillian E.